Who is Marketsoft?

Who is Marketsoft?

Hi All,

I hope that everyone has kicked off 2021 with refreshed view on how to tackle those business objectives in some….interesting times.

As you may have noticed from our previous posts, we have recently launched UnifiedCustomer, our retail CDP solution built for retail marketers and powered by our leading edge technology partners RedPoint Global. We’ve spoken in detail about how our platform can get your customer relationships in shape across touch-points, to keep those customer growth targets on track.

What we haven’t done, is talk too much about us, Marketsoft. That’s because we genuinely prefer to prioritise our efforts towards customer outcomes and how we can help you realise your customer engagement, sales and marketing objectives. With that being said, some of you may be wondering who we are. Well wait no more, I’ll fill you in a little. 

For those who haven’t come across Marketsoft in your travels, we’re a data services business that’s been working with customers across the majority of industry verticals for over 30 years! We predominantly skew towards the marketing side when it comes to the people and teams we deal with, however, we usually find ourselves sitting somewhere between Marketing and IT. We’re often interpreting between teams, covering most data related aspects that will deliver solutions that meet the requirements coming from both the Marketing and IT sides of an organisation. 

So over our 30+ years, you could say that we’ve grown as a business, and our services have matured too. Back in the late 80’s, our customers called for our “old school” data services, where we’d prepare direct marketing campaign files, and we might even apply some simple address hygiene and de-duplication services. How things have changed! 

Now, our customers, technology, and our team have certainly evolved over the decades, to a point where we’re now called upon to develop and guide our customers through their data strategy road maps, from getting their data house in order, to growing their customer base by integrating our data science insights. We now have global market leading technology and a truckload of experience within our team that pull it all together. Our customers hail from many sectors including Financial Services, Government, Not For Profit, and of course, Retail, among many others.

We’re all back in the office now and ready to chat with you about how we can support your organisation this year. I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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