Welcome back and here’s to getting on with a massive, fresh, and successful new year!

As we move into 2021, picking up from where we left what was 2020, we can now begin to jump into all those projects that have backed up on our innovation road maps.

You may recall that we had launched our new retail CDP solution, specifically developed for our local AU/NZ market back in October 2020. We called our solution UnifiedCustomer, and proud to have launched it together with our global tech partners, RedPoint Global. Since the official launch, we shared further details with you  over the proceeding weeks and if you’d like to refresh where we’re up to, you can find each blog installment here.

Ok, now that we’re all up to date with what UnifiedCustomer is and how it can be of value to your organisation, like any solution, it now comes down to the inevitable questions, “how much will this cost me?” and “how long will it take to implement?”. I’m happy to report that while UnifiedCustomer has the power and functionality of an enterprise CDP, pricing and speed of delivery were two of the major elements that we focused on, to truly make it a viable contender for local retail marketers.

We understand that one of the main road blocks to implementing a powerful solution like this has been cost. Unlike in the US and other larger markets, retailers in our market just don’t have the funding, or the customer volumes to justify major investments. You’ll be happy to hear that you can access UnifiedCustomer with a simple, scalable, and flexible subscription pricing model Pricing | Pay-as-you-go pricing that puts the control in your hands (unifiedcustomer.com.au). You can keep your investment in check, and plan ahead knowing that there’s No Set Up Costs, No Surcharges, and No Consumption fees.

UnifiedCustomer has been developed to provide Rapid Delivery and Rapid Results. It’s delivered “as a service”, under an implementation framework proven to deliver results within weeks, not months!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can support you and your team – you can get in contact with us below!

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