Asked Questions

How do you access my customer data?

UnifiedCustomer plugs into your existing system’s web service layer using secure API calls. Don’t panic – we take care of these connections, as well as the data mapping required to integrate data feeds.

What's the UnifiedCustomer deployment model?

UnifiedCustomer is offered under a cloud model, which allows us to both manage the cost and ensure your instance is maintained to the high standard that ensures our privacy compliance level.

Please contact us if you require a private cloud or on-premise deployment.

What tech stack is UnifiedCustomer built on?

UnifiedCustomer is built on the Gartner leading RedPoint Data Management platform. RedPoint boasts a feature-set above and beyond any competing CDP product, which makes it the perfect foundation for the UnifiedCustomer product.

UnifiedCustomer is localised, hosted, and managed by Marketsoft, Australian partners with over 30 years of experience managing and leveraging customer data in the APAC region.

Is my data and customer's privacy really safe?

During the time it is handled by UnifiedCustomer, your data is bound by Marketsoft’s – our data management parent – enterprise Information Security Framework. This framework aligns to and is compliant under regulatory controls, ISO 27001 and 9001, and has over 30 years protected data of Australia’s largest financial services organisations, government agencies, retailers, and charities.

What if I want to cancel?

UnifiedCustomer is offered on a monthly subscription basis, allowing you to cancel at any time. Our agreement contains a termination policy if you wish to break up with us… No hard feelings, just give us 30 day’s notice.

What if I have a bespoke requirement?

While UnifiedCustomer prides itself on driving growth for retail operations in Australia and New Zealand, we can’t do everything. For data requirements outside of UnifiedCustomer’s realm, please contact our loving parent company, Marketsoft Services.


Getting to know you, your business and most importantly your existing data collection is the very first step we take to help you leverage your data's power!

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